One Day or Day One--You Decide

Welcome to Decide and Act Wellness, LLC where it is my goal, as a Certified Health Coach, to help you decide what wellness lifestyle changes need to be made in your daily life and then help you design a plan to act on those decisions. These wellness decisions can sometimes be a bit overwhelming if:

  • You’re planning for your first child.
  • You’re dealing with picky eaters or children and teens experiencing growth and attitude issues because of food choices, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise.
  • You and your family are stressed because of too many activities and no time to just relax or make healthy food choices.
  • You’re concerned about health challenges affecting your aging family members.
  • You’re experiencing your own lack of energy and health issues based on weight, blood pressure, unstable insulin levels or numerous inflammation challenges.
  • You just want to simply add longevity and quality to your life.

I invite you to decide to look around my website and see the various programs that I offer to educate and empower individuals, groups, or organizations with certified health coach services Then act on that decision and choose a solution-based program that will meet your current wellness needs. Let me help you achieve your overall health and personal goals. I look forward to sharing the L.E.A.N concepts of Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition with you and your family.

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